Thursday, 1 January 2015

Lush Shampoo Bar - First Thoughts Review


So as I said in my previous posts I am firmly on the Lush bandwagon, so much so I'm practically driving! I do have a bit of an obsessive personality and once I find I like something I stick with it for quite a while. After being drawn in by the wonder that was all the Christmas products I decided to try some of the permanent line (and also some of the things you don't need a bath for!). I went with a sweetie pie shower jelly and Jason and the argan oil shampoo bar. I have been wanting to try a shampoo bar for quite a while, but last time I attempted to buy one I did not like any of the smells. When I went into Lush to grab a shower jelly I thought I'd give them another sniff, much to my delight they have brought out a few new bars since I looked last. I decided on the Jason and the argan oil bar due to the smell and moisturising properties. 
The shampoo bar is a lovely pink and smells really good. Although my sister does not agree so I do think it's a personal thing. 

I also bought a tin to keep the bar in so that it wasn't sliding about in the shower.

Now I think I should say that I have never used a solid shampoo bar until today. I was impressed with the size and how little space it takes up in my shower and the tiniest bathroom known to man! They are easy to use and with a little blogging research I knew what to do. The shampoo bar created more lather than I was expecting, so that was really good. My hair did feel a little dry after I rinsed but this was soon fixed when I used my usual L'oreal Everstrong conditioner. I liked this bar and I will continue to use it and see how I get on, who knows I might just be converted!

Bye for now!


  1. you have a great blog. I just want to say this blog post is amazing. I personally love the lush shampoo bars and I have tried out 3 of them and loved them all. I was really into keeping my hair extremely healthy/ still am but no where near as much and this product is amazing for that as it is all natural.
    If i could suggest one thing for your blog it would be to get bloglovin and put the follow button in the side bar. loads of people follow blogs through bloglovin. Most of my readers come from bloglovin or twitter and instagram. I would love it if you could check out my blog and I am about to follow you on google+.

    1. Hi Becca, Thanks for your lovely comment, I am a long time reader and first time blogger so it was really nice to hear that you like my blog. I think I have managed to add Bloglovin thanks for the tip! I will 100% check out your blog (it's currently open in another tab!).


  2. aww its totally fine. just followed you back would love to talk to you and we could maybe even grow our blogs together.

  3. Hi Sarah, you have just reminded me to get a shampoo bar. I have tried one before in a sample and just never really gotten myself into getting a full size one. I think this is really handy especially for traveling and will make me take more liquids (makeup) instead.

    take care,
    Jo from