Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Very Long Time No Speak

Ok so it has been super long since I posted on my blog, going back to school kind of threw me off with blog posts. Six months has passed and a lot has changed. Now I mean a lot a lot. 

First things first I'm pregnant (woohoo), I'm 16 weeks now. Now I've had a rough ride so far due to Hyperemesis (like Princess Kate) so very early on (about 7-8 weeks pregnant) I spent some time in hospital. I have only just managed to get back to work this week and I am only doing half days. This seems to be working so far and I would have really struggled to do more than that! 

So as a result of this my blog might take a bit of a different turn. I will blog about my exciting baby purchases and all things to do with preparing for our exciting arrival!! 

Bye for now xx 

Here is a sneaky peak at our 12 week scan picture :)