Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sparkle & Mascara - Mascara 1 & 2 Review


Well how can I call my blog Sparkle & Mascara without looking at a few mascaras? Now mascara is one of my weaknesses, I cleared my make up out yesterday and decided I could part with 10 mascaras, yes 10, and that is only half of what I had. Who needs 20 different mascaras when we only have 2 eyes? I don't know but anyway back to the review. So I am a subscriber of 'My Little Box' and I absolutely love it, it is unlike any other beauty box I have ever tried and I have been a subscriber since the beginning so I haven't missed out on anything! A couple of boxes ago, the cosy box I believe, included a smokey eye set with a mascara, eye liner and eye shadow. It is the mascara I want to talk about. Now having so many mascaras I had not tried it until this week. I am a teacher and my mission for these holidays was to give myself a make up look I can do everyday for school in about 30 seconds (haha I wish) so I gave the mascara a go and I was super happy that I did! 

So this is the mascara, it doesn't look like much and the packaging is a little plasticy but that doesn't bother me at all. When I read mascara reviews a lot of people say 'it's a plastic wand and they're my favourite' or 'I prefer bristly fibre wands so this is good', but if I am honest I don't have a preference, I like both so I didn't have an instant reaction apart from 'ohhh mascara'. 

So here is a weird no mascara eye picture so that you have a comparison. I haven't curled my lashes or anything just put on a little eyeliner.

Here is my eye with one coat of the mascara on, I was pretty impressed by the difference after only one coat. It is quite runny but again I don't have a problem with that.

I then went on to add my favourite top coat mascara from Kiko. I love their topcoat mascaras and they always seem to complete the look for me.

The wand is different to any I have used before but it is still super easy to use. I will be using both of these mascaras in my super easy school look next term. 

I love both of these mascaras and they are currently at the top of my mascara leaderboard. Beauty boxes are a good way of trying new things and I would defiantly suggest trying My Little Box for something a bit different! Keep a look out for an unboxing in January when my box arrives! 

Bye for now! 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Tie-dye Cake Attempt


So earlier this month it was a friend from work's birthday. She had managed to keep it quiet until a couple of days before when she informed me of something tragic! Her boyfriend had told her she was too old for a birthday cake, can you believe it? I couldn't, but hey I am slightly obsessed with a bit of cake. So I made her a promise that I would make her a tie-dye birthday cake fit for a queen. I do love a spot of baking and this was the perfect excuse for me to try out a few of my new Americolor food colours (eeep!). So I set to it, not knowing what it would look like or how to go about it, only knowing I wanted it to be tie-dye and with Pinterest on my side how could I possible go wrong?

I decided on 4 colours: pink, purple, blue and orange.

The pre-oven shot!

The finished product! The sides were a little, lets say crunchy, so I chopped them off before I added more buttercream than anyone needs. 
I added a few sprinkles and rice paper butterflies I had in the cupboard and voila, one tie-dye giant cupcake covered in glitter!

This was the inside once it had been shared out at work, with just enough for her to take home and not share with people who think there is an age limit on cake!

Bye for now!

Lush Addiction


Yes I know I'm super late to the party but it took me a while to fight past the overwhelming mix of sniffs you get when you walk into a Lush Store! Now it's one of my favorite parts of a visit, other than leaving with a bag full of goodies of course. A new store opened in November in my local shopping centre, so I'm blaming my new addiction on that. I bought a couple bath bombs for Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest, but every time I walked passed the Lush bag I could smell the 'Golden Wonder' and it was just calling my name. Now as you can imagine it became impossible for me to leave it in the bag, I just had to use it! There was only one small problem... I do not have a bath at my house :( So off I toddled up the hill to my in laws house where they were more than happy to let me use their bath. Fewf.

I popped 'Golden Wonder' in the tub and I was not disappointed. The water was super sparkly but that does not show up very well on the pictures.

Once it had all dissolved I was left with a super sparkly bath with tiny gold stars floating on the water. What more can a girl ask for?

Since then Christmas has been and gone (I replaced the used present, oops!), but that also means Boxing Day has also past, the only day in a year that lush do a sale! Keep your eyes peeled for my Lush Accident post!

Bye for now!

Sparkle & Mascara: The Beginning


A very good friend of mine (in fact my number one chummy) has been telling me for a while now that I should start a blog, so here goes. I am an avid reader of numerous blogs and watcher of various people on YouTube. I love all things beauty related and if I am honest I love getting to nosey into people's lives and get snapshots of their day. I will write about things that take my fancy; from make up to baking, clothes to crafting and everything in between.

Bye for now!