Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Tie-dye Cake Attempt


So earlier this month it was a friend from work's birthday. She had managed to keep it quiet until a couple of days before when she informed me of something tragic! Her boyfriend had told her she was too old for a birthday cake, can you believe it? I couldn't, but hey I am slightly obsessed with a bit of cake. So I made her a promise that I would make her a tie-dye birthday cake fit for a queen. I do love a spot of baking and this was the perfect excuse for me to try out a few of my new Americolor food colours (eeep!). So I set to it, not knowing what it would look like or how to go about it, only knowing I wanted it to be tie-dye and with Pinterest on my side how could I possible go wrong?

I decided on 4 colours: pink, purple, blue and orange.

The pre-oven shot!

The finished product! The sides were a little, lets say crunchy, so I chopped them off before I added more buttercream than anyone needs. 
I added a few sprinkles and rice paper butterflies I had in the cupboard and voila, one tie-dye giant cupcake covered in glitter!

This was the inside once it had been shared out at work, with just enough for her to take home and not share with people who think there is an age limit on cake!

Bye for now!

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