Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Project Life


I was recently inspired by a video I watched on YouTube by Louise (sprinkle of glitter) about her New Years resolutions. In the video she spoke briefly about 'Project Life' and as soon as she explained it I knew I had to have it! Basically isn't is scrap booking but really simplified. I did some research and watched many more videos, to the point where I couldn't hold off any longer - I needed it now! 

If I was to describe myself in three words it would be creative, enthusiastic and impatient. I'm not very good at waiting for things at all! So here are the things I got today from my local hobby craft. Now it was slim pickings as I think others may have had the same idea! 

I got a binder, a blush core pack, some platic wallets in design D I think (I wanted A but they didn't have any) and finally a wedding card pack. I got married in October last year and thought it would be a lovely way to make an album with a bit more personality. 

Hopefully I'll be super creative and it will look as good as the ones I have seen online! I will post again once I have started. 

Bye for now! 

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  1. Hi Sarah I nominated you for the Liebster Award